I openend the door and quietly sneeked in and hid myself beneath the bed where I saw -rubbing his eyes ,Robin stood besides the bed and rolled up his eye lids . To his shock, things around were completely changed and he  found himself in a peculiar room (Oh too early to say so)  and he could see an ultra modernised setup around him.A voice came from his bed (may be)      7 hrs 13 min sleep deactivated. He looked around in inquisition and found a small touch pad near his foot.

 He stepped on it suddenly lights glowed and the wall got vanished opening a gateway to another spooky place where the only identifiable object was a round ceramic seat ( not for driving) . He sat on it and the music started and played some chords for a minute(probably) and the adorable robot arrived and projected the news and weather report on the overseeing glass panel. 

Then the robot recited some words regarding the schedule and tasks to complete for that day. …………….      

   He flushed the toilet(I was ashamed standing there but have to) and heard the cyclonic whirlpool and vacuum suction. He saw a brush stand and picked up one (as he didn’t knew which to pick neither I) and put it in his mouth and it swirled round the teeth and rubbed the tongue .He then came out and saw a wide panel besides him . 

He stepped forward and touched it , some skyscrapers began to appear with brilliant colors lights flashing before his apartment and  then  suddenly he  heard a suish sound  followed by someone coming  down the lift. The gate opened and closed again giving off the first human to see till now(except himself).

It was his mother which looked a bit older and  wore embroidered dress with a floating scooter. 

He touched his own  face in amazement , found some moustache sticking to his untoned skin. 

His mother asked him to reach study room as his practicals are going to start. 

He was confused and was going to ask his mother but her gadget flashed and she spooked away. Then robin moved forward and stepped on disc(probably mistakenly) , a robotic voice was heard asking locations. 

He was speechless (in confusion) but blurted out study room as his mom told. The disc went floating towards the metallic lift.Inside he saw some strange characters. 

When he pressed them it read global language. I followed.

Soon lift slid down to the 118th floor almost without shaking and Robin smelled the roses kept there.  Then the lift opened and his disc went forward and entered to a big hall full with people( humans) chattering  and robots( guessed) walking with trays carrying refreshments or equipments . 

Oh, some(humans) he recognised  as his friends. 

The hall was glaring with lights and noises of notifications and chatters. It was also full of mini robots and chairs arranged in 3 d space with people shifting in varying dimensions.

Suddenly a 3d hologram of a person with whiskers and broad spectacles flashed across the hall and all stood up……



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