​ Corn balls popped the pressure pan and the aroma of corns spellbounded the surroundings. Jack   had partially completed his burger and asked for more ketchup and a pack of popcorns . He handed a 10$ note to the freshment server. 
His friend Kerry came to him and they began chattering about the movie (first half). Jack said that the plot is nice but starring is not satisfactory.

Kerry nodded her head and her blonde hair covered the forehead . She traced the locks behind her ear. Jack continued that the title music was amusing and anticlimax of the first half gave it a twist to the story.

Just then some kids entered the hall and were  screaming with excitement. The lights of the hall dimmed . Then more people rushed through the gates.

The servers became busy with long queues. The air-conditioned swiped the hall with cool breeze of fresh air.

Jostling kids bought the candyfloss and made hilarious facial expressions to amuse each other. Kerry told Jack that the Christmas Eve was coming and they can plan to go to the countryside to meet her relatives.

The announcement occurred and declared the beginning of the second half of the movie.

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