​Spurious spirit was rushing out of the vine tumbler and monsieur parkinson was still flooding with tears ,of having lost his blessed marriage of 10 years. The sound of clanking metal cutlery and the overturning plates was heard distinctly inside the restobar. 

Waiter arrived and handed him the bill of 50 k. Parkinson was shuddering with thoughts of taking care of his children single handedly. The ccustomer nearby were  whispering to select an order,and discussing the quality of spirit.

 Bulb  on the rooftop was still flickering and soft breeze was blowing across the balcony and shivering the curtains. Manager noticed that the Bill was due and the customer was weeping. He arrived by the side of the lost soul and passed a napkin to wipe  parkinson’s tears. But something went wrong and like a current ran through parkinson,  as  he stood up and took out his revolver and shot himself…..


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