​When I woke up I saw a toad splashed on the lotus leaves and groaned loudly. The thickets near the pond were now rotten as were immersed in water for so long. Closely ,Frogs jumped on the toadstools and caught air flies. Grasshoppers were also very active and whistled the surrounding. The red ants came out of their antholes and formed chains carrying leaves and carcasses of insects.

Sparrows were whirling round the pond and chirping . Then the water droplets hit the ground and infused a new lush to the greenery. The soft drizzle did wonder as transformed the entire scenario into a dream world. Here the weather seemed to attain utmost purity with sparkling water and soft blowing breeze. The trees nearby seemed high as huge as green castles from where birds were chirping .
BUT then I felt like shaking and woke up, not now in a dream earth but a whistling chimney full with mind wobbling crowd and pollution.

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