The river was overflowing with bliss
 that came down the Ghana as blessings after long draught.
The residents of the sauna village gathered on their fields cheering and celebrating the first Monsoon of the decade.
 People drew out their livestock and camels to feed them with water and collected in voids and vases for later uses.
 There was a smell of celebration blowing through the air . Although its moisture was suppressed as it included no tears  of its residents.
The children danced in their fields and enjoyed the Monsoon.
The old people came out with hookahs and chattered in groups.
Some man came with lighted torches and managed a fireplace and brought the marshmallows and peanuts.
 Others performed folk dances around the fire in couples.
It was like a celebration for the people who had almost forgot the smell of swollen soil.
Fire gleamed in the eyes of the children as some saw the river first time in their lives.
The shadows and noises of dancing people was like a light and sound show for the camels filling their humps to help them 
survive till………


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