​A tear shredded from Tom’s eyes as he rolled the heavy drum of harvested wheat down the road towards the warehouse. He looked towards the crippling clouds in the hope of a open sky.

He rushed and segregated the chunks of fodder for livestock and filled the empty sacs with grains. His small hands were shivering and his heart stops everytime the lightening occurs. He spotted a rat near his farm, he caught it and released outside the fencing.
He could see his neighbours  driving tractors to reach the warehouse. Tom turned back(now with double energy and enthusiasm) to save his precious crops which earned them a comfortable lifestyle in their town.
His heart almost burst when the first drops of the season added to his tears . His mind was Tom entirely invested his energy and started to stroll  the drums on the rough edged pebbles hinder his ambition.
Tom was in insane trouble, half of harvest for which he and his mother devoted their entire savings and almost an year was on the verge of spoiling.

His mother came running from the warehouse and Tom can see disappointmen in the dull, hollow eyes which never shed tears and was Tom’s biggest strengh but she had succumbed to the situation.

He embraced his mother to calm her but tears were unstoppable. He can feel the deep agony of the tears prestiged  with the tag of the first to come from gateways dried from years.

Tom stood helpless under the wrath of destiny which churned their every emotion and lost all dear ones.He can hear the sound of rushing air, cracking leaves and the most evil sound(rain drops).

He noticed that his mother was unconscious. He dragged her under a banana tree. Tom’s head was popping with emotions. He put theme aside and started digging a hole on the mother earth using an old rusted spade consuming the last drop of life in him .

 The he slipped the drums into it and veiled them under the shelter of banana. He now looked at the remaining small quantity of harvest( crop) and wanted to save them too. He freed the livestock within his fence.

His livestock ate the dispersed grains. Now Tom was standing with protruding chest as he managed to overcome the biggest challenge of his life. Then the rays beamed through the horizon and brought a wry smile on his face.


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