While removing her shades, lady elated with appraisal ,commented the gatekeeper piercingly “u little beings ,a burden to our family  and are of no use anymore”.

The small kid Peter of gatekeeper standing nearby stood senseless to her remarks,and toddled towards his home, meantime the clouds clustered and drained it’s sorrow.

She fired the gatekeeper and appointed the company’s security gaurd.

Later that night when Peter briskly strolling the road, he heard screams from the former landlady.
He rushed into her bungalow only to see that the lady was stuck from the overhanging wires from the electric fencing (done as recommended by the new gaurd) and was still vibrated every time the evil current ran her body.

The gaurd himself new no method to save her ,hence stepped back.
Peter was educated and hence he brought the wooden pile lying near the garden and saved her life.


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