Every hour the clock bangs ,Steve stands up and creaks the door open and peeps down the stairs to the stiff socks.

“Still 5 inches through my binoculars ” ,he whispers.
Then he returns back to his bed and sleeps the fifth time.
He heard some noises down and runs down the stairs only to see the broken vase near the dancing curtains.
Now he was fed up of this and started thinking other ways to catch the white bearded man in red attire.
He thought of sitting on root of the stairs, but the window was broken and everytime the curtain dances,a chill ran his spines.
He gave up the plan and was about to mount the stairs when suddenly his father’s mobile beeps on the table.
He jumps in excitement and the wooden floor creaks.
He brought both mobiles in his hand and sets up a video conference on them.
One mobile he tilts near the Christmas tree directed towards the socks.
He climbs up to his room and watches the live scenario.
He sat hours awake but nothing changed except the water dripping the socks due to mositure and the turned translucent panes .
He falls asleep.

At quarter passed 4 he heard the wobbling steps of someone .
He runs down to hug Santa and with his eyes closed he grabs Santa.
Santa wishes him”MERRY CHRISTMAS”..
Santa lifts him up and through his sleep deprived eyes he looks to his father’s eyes.

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  1. This is very sweet! It reminds me of when my kids were little and had such a wonder about the holidays! Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking a look, I really appreciate your time! Have a Happy New Year!

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