Blinded to deliberation and deaf to reason prompted Jack to leave his friends in the midst of fog and changed his route towards another adventure.

Mark and Stefany tried to deter him as the following day was 1st Jan  and they have to return to the farmhouse.
But Jack thought that
new year comes every year and hence needed not to be celebrated.

Mark and Stefany joined Jack as he was their best 
friend and accompanied him the forest.
They strolled further and encountered a stream, they crossed the divine stream in soaring winds and went deeper in the dark.
It was 10:59 and the lingering shrill intrigued and their battered torn skin was exposed to mystical yet impregnable barriers.
The took shelter beneath the Oak tree and unpacked the nectar(water) and the mushroom soup.
All there exchanged their stories of the gone and buried  year and then they lay on the ground seeing precincts of godliness(stars) whose light soothed their wounds and heart.

Stefany said ” At last the year 2016 passed away peacefully opened gates for another un predictable and joyous set of 12 months”.

She continued “The past year was a canvass of the beautiful moments never forlorn, the spirits of their lives and memories will be shrouded in depths of the frozen lake of past”.

Mark intervened” Ya, this elegant year was magnificent and magnanimous to aspect- it craved our present and shaped the road ahead.Collapsed to back of the calendar are the golden days of spectacular achievements and celebrations,the moments of love,joy,happiness,freedom,togetherness with some sagacious and dumb people”.

They asked Jack to present his views but he resisted but later said “True,my perception is altered and I  now regret that I have ruined your new year party”.

Mark said ” The celebration is not in materialistic assets but in the company  your best friends and loved ones with whom they are ready to spend the coming year”.

Jack said in a low tone ” Thanks, but we don’t have the means of dancing and dining and we can’t return till tomorrow’s noon”.

Stefany interrupted ” Well could still have a party as it is 11:55 . We have our ear phones and I pod,  else listening loud music could have attracted wild animals.
I have brought some pancakes and whiskey. No need to worry this would be our best New year party.”



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  1. Reblogged this on biblebeltsite and commented:
    I love the hope in your words. Today is later than the start of the year. It’s February, and I fear we have witnessed some missteps towards a better world, but we also have found the power of resistance, which is a beautiful moment in our world history.

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  2. I don’t place much significance on new year, but I totally appreciate why people do. It’s as good a milestone as any to refresh and renew. I use the mind-set that I’ll refresh and renew at any time regardless of the time of year as and when I need to. It is a good means to celebrate with those closest to you though. That’s the significance it holds for me. Great story. Well written 🙂

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      1. Absolutely. I think the way it works with New Year is most people think they might as well start anew there because it’s as good a place as any. I get that totally. But for me personally, a new beginning can be 1st January or 23rd August. The date makes no difference. If I want to start something that’ll improve me or my situation then there’s no time like the present 🙂

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