10 pictures depicting the reality 










*Those are widely distributed images, so it’s hard to give credit to the real creators. Great work and keep creating such amazing content-the creators of some of those images:

#2 Muna Abdurrahman
#3 Vladmir Druzhinin
#4 Nath Paresh
#6 Pawel Kuczynski


  1. They are so true in
    Today’s world 🌎..,

    I especially like the one with the soldiers…
    the top dogs got all decorated while the troupe goes unrewarded … when they did and suffer all the pain of the gains..

    Reminds me of working in a place like retail store…,
    The managers get all the credit and bonus sitting on their asses.

    While the little workers do all the ground work.., with no appreciation or rewards..

    Thanks for the revelation

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  2. pardon me if i laugh as the first picture loaded black not having fully loaded for a moment. 😀 some of the money paves the way ones have a limited truth too. heheheh. of course FIGHT! NO! holler. holler. it can’t be so! – but then i laughed at the pan handler for the certificate one and it seems again not without it’s truth. I remember vividly in ninety five yes twenty one years and some ago when a CNA when that didn’t mean Certified Nurses assistantant but certificate in network architecture was a limited course costing a mere sixteen hundred buck came available. I qualified for it as you must as an advanced “” *ooo. computer user and then? where’s this sixteen hundred not going to come from? I got to watch as it paved many’s way to tempt to hire into my area then’s IBM where by being what is known as a good”” job. I think my next gig was more go no where customer service over the phone. kinda left me feeling that person climing that atrium of success without advantage! watching a few dollars step one to the many others…. KINDA but here’s the better part, while I wasn’t getting that particular path to a stable paying gig home, dog life so to speak, I did get the “girl” and my pal while gaining success in ways I envy – that was not his forte. it isn’t the same for us all, thank goodness. I lost the girl probably due to not having the money but shhh, I’d like to think there is a little space for us all 😉 in successville. (Thee last literal dumping was praising the ability of not having the same place in life he can pay off my house… I don’t own a house or blah… good luck in your new romance i will miss you… blah blah)

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