​Wettbewerb #1

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Contestants have to present there views on the topic of the week in the comments section or mailed at shivasheesh2098@gmail.com and the brilliant  entries will be given THE PRODIGIO AWARD….


“The Futility Of War”

Hurry up and fire your views to the world☺

In My views War lays a major impact on civilians but sometimes can be unavoidable and can be decisive in shapening the future.


  1. We make war for peace. What an irony. War is absolutely futile. First of all war is immoral, it’s endangers us. It’s harmful to mankind and environment. If we don’t end war, war will end us. Money governments put in planning for a war or during is needed elsewhere and they should use that money to bring peace and prosperity in their countries. There is no winners in war, there is one loser and that’s humanity. No one have any right to kill someone to bring peace. That’s just unacceptable.

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    The lessons of history are all around
    Etched on death’s memorial
    But who looks at memorials?

    The war to end all wars ended
    But the peace had not been won

    Exchanging eyes
    Has not proved a workable proposition
    And yet the attempt goes on
    And mankind is condemned to try again
    To seek an end to conflict
    By perpetuating conflict itself

    Those lessons from the past
    At best misunderstood
    And so it continues
    The errors of the past
    Visited on countless future generations

    Fear reigns
    And stultifies hope
    Because mankind remains
    Because mankind will not change
    Still comatose
    Sleepwalking into conflict again
    And yet again

    Original sin
    Casts its sinister shadow
    Over hope
    And so
    The cycle continues
    War and peace
    Unfeasible bedfellows
    History hardly notices the difference

    But we do
    And suffer for it

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  3. I believe that war in this world is disgusting, but can not be stopped by man. I also believe that soon there will be an end to war, pestilences, pain, and our greatest enemy, death. No human government can accomplish this, only God can and he has promised that he will very soon. Revelation 21:3, 4

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    1. Ya,I agree that the war is inevitable but we cannot take our hands off in the belief that God will come down and solve our queries.
      We ourselves have to resolve the issues and be United else human race can be swiped within seconds by the arms and bombs made..


        1. I think that the issues will be resolved by mutual compromising by the two parties involved in the duel.
          We have to compromise to break the dead lock in order to resolve the issue to reinstate peace.


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