Top 7 free sites for disposable email address



By disposable email we mean use and throw email.It is temporary email mostly used to fight spam.It operates most usefully in scenarios where someone may sell or release an email address to spam lists or to other unscrupulous entities. The most common situations of this type involve online registration for sites offering discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, online shopping, and file hosting services. In a time when email spam has become an everyday nuisance, and when identity theft threatens, Disposable email can serve as a convenient tool for protecting Internet users.

Many site administrator dislike disposable email because it obfuscate the identity of their users.They try to ban disposable email but no methods of banning disposable email addresses are foolproof.Disposable email addresses can be cancelled if someone starts to use the address in a manner that was not intended by the creator. Examples are the accidental release of an…

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