Happy Republic Day ‘India’

​The world largest democracy with the longest written constitution will be celebrating its 68th Republic  on 26 th January this year.

If we look back to the history ,we will find Republic day of equal significance as that of Independence day ,as framing the constitution and the setting of the legislature,execution and providing guidelines and provisions to safeguard the interests of all citizens as well the Indian Penal Code to establish the procedures of punishment to the guilty hence stabilise the attributes of society and limit anti social elements.  It boosts our self dependence ,which is a stepping stone towards the Swaraj (I.e the dream of our freedom fighters).

Every year we celebrate the 3 national festivals to commemorate the significant   days of Indian history .

Without  constitution, a country does not properly incorporate of concept of Welfare  state and democracy.

Indian Armed forces outshines the enemies by the display of the leading weapons of army,navy and air force as well the display of states and ministries.

It also fosters the pride towards ones’ country and bridges patriotic thoughts.

Country’s military strength and diverse culture is displayed as a part of the annual parade at Rajpath in the heart of Delhi . The chief guest of the Republic Day parade this year is Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The parade will be watched by President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, dignitaries, and many others. The Republic Day parade will start at 9:00 am from Rajpath with a melodious and powerful rendering of Vande Maataram.

Here you have the list of the 5 insane weapons and technology which are guarding our borders as well make us one of the best armed forces in the world.

Go through them and become a proud citizen.


Sensing ballistic missile threat from Pakistan and China, India launched the BMD Defense system. A PAD can take down 300 to 2,000 km (190 to 1,240 mi) class of ballistic missiles at a speed of Mach 5. India is the fourth country in the world to successfully deploy ballistic missile defense system. If put to use at the same time, PAD and ADD can achieve up to 99.8 percent take-down accuracy. 

4) INS CHAKRA (Nuclear-Powered Submarine)

Christened as INS Chakra, the real name of this submarine is Nerpa (Russian-made). Chakra is the only Indian ‘nuclear war head’-carrying submarine which can remain underwater for as long as humans want it to.. India invested over $900 million in the development of Chakra in return of which Russia leased it to Indian Navy for 10 years. US, Russia, UK, France and China are the only other nations with nuclear-powered submarine. 

3) INS Visakhapatnam (Destroyer) (Project 15B) 

 The 163-meter-long and 7,300-tonne-heavy devourer will have eight supersonic BrahMos anti-ship missiles, 32 Barak-8 Long Range Surface to Air Missiles, Multi Function Surveillance Threat Alert Radar System and twin tube torpedo and rocket launchers. Apart from this, it will also be the only Indian warship with ‘Total Atmosphere Control System’ which will enable the crew onboard to function without any life support system in regions of nuclear, chemical or biological fall out.

2) Sukhoi  SU-30MKI

 Depends on the aged 4th-gen fighters. Simply put, a single plane is equivalent to 2 MiG-29 and 2 Jaguar combined. Costing Rs 358 Crore a unit, the Sukhoi Su-30MKI is a super-maneuverable twinjet air superiority fighter developed by India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).  It can load up to 8 tons of weapons, and soon it will be getting fitted with BrahMos and Nirbhay cruise missiles. With 314 aircrafts on order, India is the largest Su-30 operator in the world.


The world’s fastest cruise missile in operation, Brahmos travels at speeds of  Mach 2.8 to 3.0. With the inclusion of its air-launched variant , India will be the only country with supersonic cruise missiles in their army, navy, and air force. Compared to other missiles of the same category, BRAHMOS has 3 times more velocity, 3 times more flight range, 4 times more seeker range and 9 times more kinetic range. The whole Brahmos project is expected to cost US$13 billion.

‘Happy Republic Day’ my friends.


  1. Ich hab mir auch schon öfters über diese Plakate von AMA Gedanken gemacht… Bedrohen die Vegetarier jetzt ernsthaft den Markt? Lohnt sich so eine Kampagne, funktioniert sie überhaupt, nur um ein paar Kunden mehr zu kriegen?


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