Lost and Found and Lost

​Rambling across the subway he discovered a silver metallic wallet lying near the counter.

He first neglected,later picked it up and tried to open it to steal its contents.
But it asked for a password ,he didn’t knew one and got wobbled.
He tried different combinations but all to vain .
He even forlorned his work and got engaged to it and somehow broke it open.He grabbed the 3k dollars and went to the pub,partying the whole night and throwing at the bar girls and tipping the bartender.He got some calls from an old man and another from a young girl but his intoxication levels handicapped his senses.

He missed his joining in the new office and got fired from there ,also spoke ill on the phone while drunk.
He reached home at last and saw the funeral of his wife .His daughter rose up in middle of mourning and told him that his wife got an accident in the evening, she went with the money of 3k but lost it and could not have the operation done. She added that she tried calling him but he replied absurd.

His knees broke and fell down to the floor , timidly asked how she carried the money ,she replied in a silver mettalic wallet and lost it near the near the subway.


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