​I sat close to the fountain and enjoyed the soft drizzle ,everytime wind blew.I saw a girl playing with her doll ,combing its hair and giving it a dress up. She rose towards the bench,unboxed her lunch box and took the sandwiches out.

A boy came from from the gate and grabbed her doll,lowered to his bag.
On noticing ,her face turned red , she stood up and slapped him.But later relaxed her expressions.

He was a ragpicker who wore battered clothes and a plastic bag to collect the litter and leftovers.
His bag full of papers and household wastes. She said sorry and soothed his face where she slapped.
She said”You can keep the doll to play with but take care of yourself and the doll”.
She picked her sandwiches and moved them towards him.The boy was shocked as he expected, hostile behaviour and hatred but got a sweet gesture from her.

Then her mother came and pulled her away from him, giving him a stern look of hate. She scolded her for talking with strangers and asked her “where are your cheese sandwiches?”.She moved her lips but I could not hear her.
He walked near them, extended his arms not to ask something but handling over the sandwiches.
Her mother pushed the sandwiches to the ground as untouchable and left with her daughter.
As they were leaving ,she turned back and clutched her ears to say sorry and I could see  tears flooding her eyes.


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