​Messing with the chopsticks and noodle soup, he was the laughing stock in the restaurant. His clothes were messed with … More


​She moaned in pain while dressing him the bandages,dettol and ointments.  She murmured “You will be alright! Don’t Worry Dear”. … More


​He hauls the quilt towards his body in sleep while his mother retreated her small portion, falling in the enchanting  … More


​“People tore me apart after use. “he said ,breathing heavily. “You are still better for your fate that you taste … More


​Near the slums the train halts .The windows were shut down and she repeated”Excuse me .Will you please describe the … More

Valentine’s Day

​“Will you my Valentine?” he asked coughing. “Yours ,from a half century“whistled the muffled voice behind wrinkled face,feeble eyes but … More

Childhood treasures

​He stumbled near the bed and fell down.Seeing an old ragged box lying under it,lifts it up and opens it. … More


​She smiled at the conversation and typed “I hate you” and pressed send but it got auto correct to “I … More


​Through the sieve of the closed eyes he glimpsed at the vibrating phone.Seeing more than a hundred messages and notifications … More