Near the slums the train halts .The windows were shut down and she repeated”Excuse me .Will you please describe the stopage?”.

I started”Here is a big farm with streams cutting it.
The fresh water bears scaly tuna and  white lotus.The red fishes jostling in the stream and the beautiful transparent water reflects it’s magnificence. The last beams retracing from the ripples and whirlpools is out of the world.

Some boys are playing nearby with the marbles and others with football.
Their smiles are louder than any imaginable expression.

The sun is setting down and does the cool breeze.The falcons and cranes are swinging their tall legs in the crystal water and the Frogs and toads jumping in the ponds.
Some girls are plucking flowers and kneading them to a garland”.

She coughs ,laughs”This was my old dwelling place,I experienced them even without eyes. Some Old friends still live in these slums. I am happy that it is still beautiful“. 


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