The Essential Superfood Series – No. 1 Amla or Indain Gooseberry ( Benefits of Amla)

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The Indian Gooseberry or commonly known as Amla, well deserves it’s status of being called a Superfood. Loaded with Vitamin C, approximately 8 times of that in an orange, 17 times antioxidants present as that in a pomogranate,Amla undeniably is a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients. Also enriched in Vitamin B complex, Iron, Phosphorous, Calcium , makes it a marvel fruit ,benefiting almost every part of the body.

The exhaustive list of amazing benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry is given below.

1. Hair Care -Amla is used in various hair tonics because it strengthens hair roots, prevents greying, improves luster. Amla oil has been found to be very beneficial in preventing hair loss and baldness. The presence of carotene , irons and antioxidants impart this property.

2. Improves Vision – Carotene content present in Amla has powerful effect of vision related conditions. It’s vitamin A and carotene content…

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