Lost his nerve

Standing by the footpath, he waited for the chauffeur to carry him to the office.

When fifteen minutes passed , he turned furious and rang to him .
Chauffeur didn’t pick up the phone , so he messaged that he has been fired from service.
When he booked a cab and reached office, the chauffeur turned up.
Master scolded him badly infront of the staff and abused him. He threw the letter of end of employment on his face .
Chauffeur stood nervous , then informed him that his daughter was injured in an accident and is admitted in the hospital.
Master rushed to the hospital with chauffeur driving the car, he punched the keys on his face and instructed him to leave the car in the lot and leave immediately. On reaching the ICU ,he was informed that the chauffeur donated blood to save his daughter ………


  1. It could happen like these situations, you know, we should not be so quik to judge others, we have to make excuses for people in their absence, it could be justified reason for being late, got your message clearly. Well written!

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