Red to Black

Watching the dead being put to the flames as their kin wailed for them ,he knew death is what makes life worth living.

He thought of killing himself as he was the lost emperor who had to see the death of his people by crooks, but couldn’t move and felt paralysed.

Then he saw two burly man lifting others and carrying towards them towards the end of the battleground and throwing them near the carcasses of his brothers and people. They lifted up the bodies of his alive kinsman and threw them into the furnace.
His cries beseeched and felt like cutting his throat down .
His armour was lying on the dust and he could see his country men lynched by the new prince. His empire’s flag was in flames ,the faithful hovering clouds casted their spell and a heavy downpour hit the stealth and sacred soil.
This was the same soil which witnessed the family blooming generations but now the eye witness to encounter the failure.
He couldnt sense his lower half body but only red skies and grounds. He pressed his eyes hard and finally the colour of sky and everything changed from red to black.


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