Cleanliness drive

​The socks odour messed up the room and the untied laces decorated the pair of shoes lying over the table and the other outside the door. His red shirt smelt bad, the laptop chord messed the bed. The clothes were heaped  on the floor near the coffee cup lying broken . The maggi pan lay unseasoned in the kettle and the soup boiled in the cup on the inverted iron.

The cooler motor was choked and it made the floor wet. The books were laid in the corners and then the door rang. Initially the three roommates hesitated then came a voice “Roshan Surprise . Son Open the door .” Then the cleanliness drive began and happened thrice every year.



  1. Excellent writing. Great imagery. And then the punch line at the end — until then, I didn’t know where this was going. I wasn’t expecting to get to laugh at the end. (Thanks for finding and following my writing blog!)


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