The Court

​”So you like white roses or red ones?”

“Probably white”.

“Oh, I love the red ones . So do you play table tennis?”

“What I have seen people playing is lawn tennis here. Do you mean playing tennis by table not racket?”.

“No,playing tennis on table. You are a foolish girl .”

Then she heard a whistle and was ordered to bring the tea pack and mop the spilled coffee,the foolish girl retires slowly barefooted through the rough ground.The other girl stood stone faced and then turned away . The stadium court witnessed another foolish girl losing her wise friend.


  1. I’ve only read two of your blog posts, but both have reminded me of the writing of my favorite American writer of short stories, O. Henry. You have a gift for taking your reader through two or three emotions in a very short time. Your ability to do that in so few words also reminds me of the Japanese art of haiku. Keep up the good work!


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