Her vivid scent dived through my nostrils and touched my soul, as she stepped in the room. Her buttery hands were molassed in dough and she repeatedly tried to awake me by calling my name or shaking me. Later she brought a mug of water and smeared it on my face. I woke up shouting “Mom ,what the hell are you doing ?”. She quickly pointed her hands to the clock and screamed “Son you will be late for exam. Just wake up”.

 In the background I could hear grandma shouting to serve her tea and Papa saying “let him sleep. If he will reach late he will understand the importance of time. Go fetch my folder, I am late”.

 She repeated “get up and go to bath”. I got tensed seeing that it was already nine and exam will start at 9:30,rushed the bathroom. On coming back it was 9:19 . I started weeping and cried”I have to pack my bag and the project.I would miss the exam. The van is gone ” ,Mom came close and said “Don’t worry,I already packed your bag  and the project also. Go dress up and take breakfast box in the car.Van is gone but I will drop you today.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and rushed to school. 

She truly saved my day and escorted me out of the mess ,leaving her own priorities aside. She was sincere and sometimes strict for education but simultaneously stressed on building the skills and polishing the talents. In spite of all odds she dedicated the golden years of her life growing me up,put aside her career and never left me alone .



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