“Now he has stopped sharing his secrets with us”.

“Yes,I agree,Earlier he made  confessions before us.
We heard his feelings ,overflowing emotions,tasted his tears ,but now he is like a 
stranger to us”.

“Many times we heard his heart beats ,glanced his innocent face night long.
His swollen eyes and pounding heart get comfort  on sharing the deepest truths of his life, which he neither revealed even to his roomates ,but us.”.

“Oh,this is a golden chance to get rid of our enemy .
Just push it a few inches away, will fall  in the soup tray and collapse”.

“Great Idea,then he will return to us”.

“I am not deaf”interrupted mobile to diary and pen’s violent turned conversation.


  1. Wow..

    Though technology has come up every thing is convenient, but.. somewhere the beauty of the old thing can’t be replaced.
    The handwritten letters, those greeting cards, writing in dairy.. I still sometimes do these coz I miss them..

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