​Unmoved she sat in solitariness wrapped in self imposed seclusion .Choking and crumpling within widening and contracting heart walls by  woeful reflections.

Her body was high on weed and fever which she caught last weekend when she tried to drown in the english channel.
The water beneath  turned red with the drops oozing her wrist through a cut ,tiny compared to the deep scars on hands and soul.
Today her alter ego stood comforting 
her in psychic  hallucinations   and the consciousness  deceased, making her fall  inside  an imaginary world.
The abysmal pit hollow and dark resonated the cacophonous conflicting emotions to the world outside  in the form of forlorn screams of a animal hallal.
Her tortured  and tormented  skin , blood smeared bruises hailed her lonely in the naked world .
In vain she tried to end the silent screams and the frenzied  commotion. Her tears added sweetness to the vast ocean too bitter for her, now she started feeling secured in her cocoon  and now started
staring and listening to her imaginary friends.
Their sounds comforted her and she began talking loud and laughing  with them .
The surrounding  family which sat behind her on the deserted place in the monster land made fun of her and thought she is a psychic person or a psycho. Then she blurted the melody –

The doll we fed
and let her grow instead
later  made her wed
to ones she was scared
but she dared
to stand
on the pricks instead
then the red bed.

Then she lowered her face and saw her friends going down the hill . She waved her hands  back and said  “Despacito “. Then she followed them down the water or the hill she barely knew.


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