​”Oh Oh I think  my health is not well.I doubt whether it is due to the cold winds blowing yesterday or the fluctuations  this afternoon

Harry is fussy about me ,disturbing my peace of mind.

Oh my God he abused me.I can’t believe that.
I have been with him in the darkest nights when nobody was around ,and have also illuminated his surroundings  when he used to  search the letter head infront of   which all his ego boils down, he weeps and sometimes turns passionate replying  his crush.

Has he forgot that how many insects I tolerated and caught even ones with nasty smell and scary faces ,to let him enjoy his supper uninterrupted of their threat .

Has he forgot the rainy days when I burned myself to help him study ,long days and nights. Or The health management which I did to myself to save him from my treatments and their economic crisis.
Yes I think he does not deserve my friendship.

Now I should get fused to let him realise my importance.”a flickering bulb conspired .



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