Transcendental soul 

​The journey  travelled  through  the psychic  disfigured  sketches  blurred  against  the  mist of unconsciousness  which delved his motley  humour into the dreamless hallucinations, splattered the senses and forlorns the cherished  destination.  The cyan pearls brims the fluttering   soul of righteousness and needed an craftsman to rekindle the ashes of dwindling  fire of consciousness.  The glare of rustic  translucency of the grey maskedmen shrivelled  his spine But peace was no away as he crossed the green  pillars which supported the burdensome  earth ,his spirit reclaimed  his body  and returned  from  the  netherworld.

  The rich aroma of ripe mangoes  was mixed with the infuriating  sweat of his co-passengers. Then gave a burst of vivid  scenery  of cloud clad hills and the frenzied  buffaloes  basking  in the lake , with mud clad wrinkles brought  a vibe of nature in its raw form . As the wheels of the train  progressed and the horn roars , water in the paddy field danced with the rhythm of life and beats of trains movement. 

 Then the giant blue monster passes into an infinite  tunnel which pushed the soul away from the body and darkness  again swept for time unknown.

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