Rising from the Phoenix ashes

Coming down to talisman
The magic spells aroused his senses
Conquering over desires

His Eye lids sync to such charms
spread out to the footpath
Crystal ball shining in the noon
With Sweat and tears hidden in moustache

Amulets tied 
Mediums, Psychics,
Clairvoyants And Psychometricians
Exorcism and Occultism together

He alleged warnings
Of the future 
Pun stories 
Proving his Philosophy

He read their faces and palms
Listened their stories
Predicted but also feared 

Of their Blunders

Horcruxes and Cauldron bottled up
In the world of faith and magic
Floo powder and flying carpets
Now lost in the world of Harry

Opal necklace and Jems
Gleamed under the brightest star
Coiled snake skin and 
human finger nails
Had Brought the creepiness out

Lockets and Enchanted Galleons 
Brought attraction and 
But lacked luck and destiny
Because within the 
same ruins he retreats


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