​”How much  time is sufficient  for the machine learning of the robots of this utility?”

“1 year learning  is sufficient  to install it but robot may download Artificial intelligence files ,so we may need few more years to reprogram it and uninstall the AI files”.

“I guess 3 years for that is satisfactory.  So total four year programme can be there for the robotic installation in these fields. We can add several common processes for their aurdino and body, also put check on viruses and AI through scores of assignmental testings  the year round.”

He passes a paper with instructional courses and synopsis of implications,extra subjects and testing procedures to completely cast the robots with 100% learning and less intelligence  . 

The bulky  man stamps and passes the note to the Secretary   for issuing it to all degree certification malls . 

Then the ordinance flies out from the Board room and the degree of Engineering begins with the fresh batch of humanoids. 

Happy Engineer’s Day Robots

Brought you by https://shivashishspeaks.wordpress.com/

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