​An aura so bright to pierce the stillness of the soul and its impenetrable hollowness, was now an impending wish lingering in his eerie mind to stay away from succumbing desires and follow his withering conscience paralysed,captured within the clutches of isolation and time.

Dashing through the woods he proceeded towards an unknown horizon .
The silence pierced his 
loneliness ,giving a sense of wildness and freedom.
Now he looked less baffled as he didn’t have to show any formality of his character.
Carrying a ragged old bag, his eyes gleamed ,reflecting the wildness of the forest .
His hands swayed in the air ,everytime he crushed some dry leaves.

  Now there was a movement to his bag ,smeared in  blood dripping through its hole, slowly its motion becomes  prominent.But he was unaffected ,neither his heart melted at the beseeched cries escaping.

As the darkness clad the towering trees and dark souls,he was energised with a strange energy and spark in his body dominating over his senses bringing an evil smile to his serious and disfigured face.
His mud wet lips wobbled forming strange symbols in synchrony with the insect creaks and wind blowing through the woods.
Sweat dripped his nomadic gown and worn out dirty hands clustered his locks over the ear.

His smiles were now tuned to laughter which broke sanctity and calmness of the wood spread as he saw thunder , danced to its beats .

He rushes faster towards a direction , finally stops under a giant oak tree with shrouding branches and a pack of deers.
Lowering his bag, his eyes gleamed with the heat reverberated from the deers.

He ripped it open and protruded a baby deer with plastered leg ,which he found injured on the highway and plastered it using his herbs .

Only the woods,deers witnessed  an
  Alchemist being unveiled that day.


  1. Wonderfully descriptive and kept the reader in expectation ..
    Loved the twist of Alchemy and Healing.. My kind of ending.. And this is what the forests do best.. So many trees hold healing properties and medicine
    I am always painting trees.. and I connect to these Elders who are the standing ones..
    Wishing you a great week..
    Blessings Sue x

    Liked by 3 people

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