​Apart from google adsense:_
£ – Needs Approval
media .net is the best alternative to Google Adsense. Its a Yahoo/Bing Advertising Network. is much similar to google adsense in features and provide you many alternatives to choose different size of ads for your blog and customize them to make it blend with your blog.
It usually takes 3 to 10 days to get approved for Give it a try and maybe your blog gets approved. If you dont, not to worry their are more names in the list.  

£2 Infolinks – Needs Approval
Infolinks is the most widely used alternative to google adsense. You might have seen it on many blogs. Unlike google adsense and other advertisement companies. Infolinks uses totally different way of showing ads.
Infolinks does not take any space on your website and that is its best part. It doesn’t require space and it converts the keywords in your article into links and when a user clicks on that link, you get paid.
Infolinks does not pay their users by the number of impressions they had on their site but by the number of clicks they had on the keyword.i would suggest you to use infolinks only if you have enough visitors daily on your blog.

£3 Chitika – Needs Approval
Chitika is an online advertising network with over 350K publishers. They serve over 4 billion targeted ads/month. Chitika has some top-tier advertising partners like Yahoo,  SuperMedia etc. If you are a beginner and struggling with google adsense then Chitika is the best alternative for you.
Chitika has a minimum payout amount of $10 which is seriously very minimum compared to other advertising companies. Registering on Chitika is very easy and also they don’t take much time in approving. Sometimes they approve your application within few hours. They will show relevant ads to your blog which in turn result in more ad clicks.
£4 Propellar Ads Media – Instant Approval
Propellar ads is undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging company in advertisement sector.It was started in 2011, they are now one of the biggest ad network with good CPM rate. Although the CPM rate is high for countries like US and UK but if we talk about countries like India, the CPM rate is not much good.
Propellar Ads minimum payout amount was $100 which has been recently reduced to $25 only. Also they have variety of ads to offer. From popup ads to banner ads and mobile ads. Also you can track the real time data and see the estimated and total earnings in you dashboard.
If you want to use Propellar Ads, popup ads would be the best as it generated more clicks and hence more earning.
But, If you are really serious about your blog, I would suggest never use popup ads on your blog or you will loose your readers. No one wants to see an advertisement without even clicking on it. It will irritate your readers and they would never come back.

£5 RevenueHits – Instant Approval
RevenueHits is also a famous and widely use ad network. Unlike other ad networks, Revenuehits is a CPA based platform i.e. they only pay for taking any action during interaction with their ad. Revenuehits pays very well to their publishers. You can earn more than Google Adsense or any other ad network if you have not good but right traffic.
The minimum payout for RevenueHits is $10 which is again very minimum. They also have their affiliate platform i.e. you can earn more money by inviting others to use RevenueHits.

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