Delete for everyone-WhatsApp 

​WhatsApp recently rolled out its delete for everyone feature. The feature will enable users to delete messages they sent by mistake to someone. The feature works for both individual and group chats. 

  • Available on Android and iOS

The delete for everyone feature is available for both Android and iOS users. In order to access the feature, users need to update their WhatsApp messenger.

  • You can revoke a message within 7 minutes

The sender has a window of seven minutes under which he or she can delete a message. After seven minutes, you will not see the delete for everyone option.

  • You can delete the message for both sender and receiver

A user will have an option to delete the message for both sender and receiver. When you select the option to delete a message you will see two options – delete for you and delete for everyone. So, you can select which ever option you want.

  • The receiver will know you have deleted a message

The delete for everyone feature of WhatsApp is not that foolproof. This means that once the sender deletes the message, the receiver will get to know that a message has been deleted. Their chat window will display a message reading, ‘This message has been deleted’.

  • You will not be notified if deleting for everyone was not successful

The company also feels that there will be occasions when the feature will not function and your message is not deleted. In that case the app will not notify the user.

  • Recipients may see your message before it’s deleted

Yes, you read it right. The recipient can read a message before it gets deleted. The message will appear in the notification panel and it can be read by the user.

  • The feature will not work on these OSes

The delete for everyone feature of WhatsApp will not work on the Blackberry and Symbian operating systems. This is not a shocker as the company has already announced that it is ending its support for both the OSes.


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