​The journey  travelled  through  the psychic  disfigured  sketches  blurred  against  the  mist of unconsciousness  which delved his motley  humour into the dreamless hallucinations,splattered the senses and forlorns the cherished  destination.  .  The acid of hatred victimised the paralysed body and numbled  mind. The glare of rustic  translucency of the grey maskedmen shrivelled  down his spine .

His body was mutilated in consciousness  and was parted to heaps which were sold in the castle. He could see a mist of a body behind the walls.
The trauma of being chiselled alive brought  him to a stage of nervous breakdown. He could see the blood streams flowing down his paralysed  body and cries went screeching to the approaching sounds.
In the instant of his neck snap he saw a dull figure of a feathered creature paying  for his meat.
The cyan pearls brims the fluttering   soul and craved for a craftsman to rekindle the ashes of dwindling  fire of consciousness.

Then the journey  ends with a shock and he awakes laying on the cozy sofa next to  the plate of unfinished chicken curry.


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