​The Secret Santa game was on in the office . Early morning everybody secretly hid their presents.  They were unaware of who would gift them and what, were also curious to witness the expressions of the person when they encounter the gift by them.

David and Brian sat besides the workspace , near the corridor , chattering and urging another one to disclose the person and the present. 

The time flied as quickly as the pacing heart beats of those adult kids.

The mesmerising pancakes and caramel treat hypnotised the bystanders while  others ran to the tree.

Suddenly the hall became full of noise of tearing papers and amazed expressions. David saw the latest PSP and jumped to his feet , Brian got a box of his favourite chocolates and smiled to Becky. Finally the gift of the Boss was yet to be unwrapped. Finally when Boss unwinded the wrapping thread and ruptured the paper apart.  He stood aghast  when he found a small paper in a huge box, but he pricked it out and tears brimmed over the edges when he saw a couple package of 3 weeks to Maldives . Now the Santa wasn’t a secret anymore as everyone financed the trip.

The Carol kids arrived to perform the Santa dance and did steal the show.


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