The Odour Escapes The Prison

Masking the smell, the onions lay sliced on the table with the diced mushrooms and marinated chicken. She stood behind the place , waiting for the eggs to boil and caramel to melt . Putting her microwave gloves aside she greased the pan when she heard her name called outside . She gulped the water of the glass  and came out sweating and suffocated.

Then she was insulted and later badly bashed infront of all relatives, for the house being unclean  . She stood silent , at times tried to raise justifications for herself but interuppted and scolded 
bitterly to involve in elder talks. She slowly trodded back to her kitchen. On retiring back she packed the dishes in the tiffin and went to the hospital ,nursing her patients and feeding the poor.


  1. This was deep and held many truths within the story. So many people silently get “put down” and keep on going. This was beautifully captured in this story of the family’s scapegoat.


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