The jaded eyes beheld an obscene display of passion a heinous crime brought forth in the day’s light.

Within the heart chambers a vehement outburst and unleashed fury scared the battered soul .
The savage shadow drowned in the city lights,hiding the goon who eroded thousands of livelihood and dozens of lives.

A bloody trail up the hill, a cumbersome burden for the conscience and shoulders had not only pierced his body but mind .
He clubbed the knees close to a heap in the dumping ground waiting for his partners in crime to rescue from that critical point.
His face was on surveillance ,hence he rubbed it against it the rocky sand.Many pierced his skin and oozed the blood streams.He masked it with grass , rose to a gutter and dived in it.

There was a dry spot and he hid himself there.His teeths clattered against the biting winds boiling his naked body and naked soul.
He thumped his hands to a hook and occupied a comfortable position.His eyes shut down and rescued in the land of dreams .
But the dreams were unfaithful as they left him to a shaking ground and sirens.

Now he was back to the reality and his face turned white then red due to oozing blood.He heard the barks of bloodhound police dogs it shivered his body more than the cold could.
A dog squad was undoubtedly after him.One dog came near the the man hole and sniffed.His heart beat paused for a moment and then grew to infinity.
The police came down the ladder and his bulky outline was like a death god for him.He rushed into the water and struck its bottom. The inspector had a drink with quivering hand and a nervous smile then he took a few hesitant sips and threw the ice cubes in the water.
The draining body was partially paralysed in the ice cold water , he gasped his nose to prevent air bubbles escaping .Now the dreams returned to an old friend and never left him ever.


  1. There are two fundamental driving forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we retract back from life. When we are in love, we open ourselves to all that life has to offer with passion, enthusiasm, and acceptance.


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