Suppose a king throws a celebration party in his kingdom over the successful conquest .

He invites guests from far and wide. He orders 1000 bottles of wine for his guests.

The order is placed at T-10 hours from the party. His secret service informs him that out of 1000 bottles,exactly 1 bottle is poisoned during transportation with a slow poison which takes 10 hours to act.

The king is worried of how to tackle this situation. He plans to use his prisoners for testing the poison. But he has just 800 prisoners.

He threatens his witty advisor to come up with a plan to find out the exact poisoned bottle accurately using minimum of the prisoners.

The advisor is learned with the advanced maths and logics of 21st century and logically decodes the way out.

  • And consider the fact that only 10 hours are left for the celebration,which means that the test can’t be repeated and only once the prisoners can be given the samples.

T is the scheduled time for party.

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