She came out of her little Hut just before the sunrays hits the ground and broomed the ashes of the woods that kept her family warm last night.
Reaching to the tap on the roadside, she stood in the queue  for an hour and finally made her way to the tap of Elixir ,filling her little tubs and bucket with pale yellow water , slowly walks back to her home lifting them on her messed hair and bruised hands.
She places the tub close to her window and brings out the charred utensils and rubs them against ash, lowers them and drains away with water.
Then she calls for her children,seeking no response goes into the Hut to awake them.
She brings her 2 daughters out and and takes them to field to excrete.
She runs around the bushes to let no one enter and gaurds their honour.
Then she grab their fingers and brought home.

She rubs the neem stems against their shining teeth and bathes them in the tubs she bought.
She picks up their uniform from the room and dresses them for the school.
Picking up the wooden comb,she scales it through their shining locks. She adores her daughters ,shuts the door and retires to the school.
She drops them to the school premises  and then left for the house where she is a maid.
On Climbing the staircase to 5th floor she breathes heavily,as she is not allowed to use the lift nor knows how to operate.
She tweeks the button, rings the door bell.
The door is opened by a small boy and welcomed  with a big smile, next she meets sour laced faces of 2 adults who are busy preparing to leave for their workplace.
She rushes to the kitchen but is scolded by a lady for being late.
She turns on the stove and cooks meal for the family,meanwhile the hot steam from old cooked meal whithers her torn and battered skin. But she pays no heed to it, she had already requested them for another cooker but was not responded.
Now she fills the hot vegetable broth to the tiffin and handovers to each of the adults.
The lady comes out with her face laden with makeup and sniffs her to hurry. She turns tense and mistakenly the tiffin falls to the floor and its contents are dispersed on the floor.

The ants flocked around the green veggies and marinated chicken(Although she is a pure vegetarian but have to cook non veg also to earn a life to her family).

Now the lady boils with anger and hits her with the tiffin on her shoulder and leaves the kitchen.
She shreds to tears but later calms down and mops the floor.
She hurries to the hall with one tiffin and handovers the still warm tiffin.
The couple leaves for office leaving behind the small boy ,with a broken toy.
She goes to the kid and adhesive her toy. He turns mad with happiness and dances the hall calling her “Maasi”.
Her eyes glitters to the 
sweet voice ringing in her ears .


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