​“People tore me apart after use. “he said ,breathing heavily. “You are still better for your fate that you taste … More


​As he climbed higher his knees got bruised and ankles bled without shoes, but a smile was persistent for heading towards his … More


​Battered and splintered ,lonely in desertion,a tumultuous storm raged within him. There was a war waged in the mind against the heart. … More


​Furtive eyes dart towards the gate to see familiar faces, anytime the groom can arrive as he lived far away.The … More


​As the maid snatched the doll from her daughter’s hand and handed her a broom. Childhood knew its time was up.


​”Yes,my girl. I will come soon, we’ll travel the world together and will follow your dream.” “Yes daddy,I can’t live … More


​Cloaked in the garb of chicanery, a veil of duplicity Kelvin unware of his rival’s identity,defamed their company by raising false allegations. … More


​    Birds glided smoothly across the azure sky in a decorous array. Sun sublime to the horizon and extinguished … More