​Instigated by his friends, David was to ready to jump from the bridge. He shouted” Do u think that I don’t have the guts to jump from here. wait here I’ll will show you”.He could feel the adrenaline rush in his nerves and the breeze through his armpits while standing in the diving position.
 His friends cheered for him and steered him to the parapets of the bridge. Sun rays glazed his eyes but instigation by friends blinded him. He forgot at the heat of the moment that he doesn’t know swimming. He could see 3 ducks and some vibrant fishes swimming under the bridge. He saw the rapids and whirlpools near the sea weeds. He heard the swishing sound of the waves striking the stones on the boundary of the sea.
He stepped out and dived into the black waters…..

Water was pulling him inside. He was throwing his arms and trying to paddle but could not take out his nose. He heart was panting and his entire face was submerged in water. He started cursing his act regreting his out of mind behaviour. He stopted feeling his body . His legs felt paralysed and grew breathless.

He sank to the bottom like debris of a broken ship and collapsed.



  1. Sometimes, lose the honor is likely losing life, the limit is thin and it’s frightening because a lot of poeple have already experienced that feeling and a lot of others knows how to exploit it. Thanks for that wonderful text. 🙂

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  2. I love the book – ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway- You’re right though – there are some boundaries we shouldn’t cross! I love these stories which illustrate the point perfectly..

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