​Jeremy gulped the whiskey through his food pipe. His melancholy was overflowing and his phone was also vibrating. Suddenly a servant arrived and informed him of the uninvited guests. He staggered through the hall to the guest room . 

His jaw got dropped to see his old business partner who cheated him and made him bankrupt. His fist tightened and eyes fired with envy . There was a slight smile on the face of Mark who was looking straight to jeremy’s eyes which disturbed jeremy even more.
The maid arrived with soft drinks. Jeremy   hit the tray and threw the glassesame. There was a lingering silence through the bungalow . 

Mark’s smile transformed into pitiness. Jeremy called the security and ordered him to throw the man out of his property.
Three armed man entered the hall and
looked towards Mark as if waiting for a signal. Mark stood up and the brutes shot jeremy. Mark exclaimed now you will be free of every burden, and walked out.


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