Gun Culture in Indian marriages

​The criminals are bypassing laws and risking the lives of millions of innocent people. The laws are encapsulated within the court and hence such people have become fearless.

Today gun culture has intermingled with our customs and times in such a way that they have become symbols of celebration. Today most of of the grand weddings have some guests having guns which the shoot in the sky to express their  gratitude towards the host and the wedded couple but seems unaware of the possible repercussions of their unwisely act

The accomplishments of a lifetime and life made beautiful by painstaking efforts are forfeited by the crippling mentalities who don’t give a second thought about their actions and aftermath.

 The antisocials are present everywhere don’t care about the laws or the lives but bothered only  for their own honour and to please the guest , to show off their opulence and affluence in the society, who veil their faces behind some mob, politician or reach to the judiciary in case of some mishappenings. These people are ready to spoil  anyone’s life as a protocol to have a grand celebration as incomplete without gunfires  and fire crackers.

A similar incident took plate at bhatinda where” A dancer, identified as Kulwinder Kaur, was killed in celebratory firing during a wedding in Maur Mandi town.
A 25-year-old pregnant dancer was shot dead in a celebratory firing during a marriage ceremony in Maur Mandi town on Saturday.
Bathinda police have booked a man, Billa, for murder. ”

These incidents are an eye opening for those people who are unaware that these gunfiring in celebrations can be can lead to imprisonment of 25 months and 3 lakhs(section 304 2). It also threatens your loved ones who are together to enjoy an event of a lifetime


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