Robin entered to a big hall full with people( humans) chattering  and robots walking with trays carrying refreshments or equipments . 

Oh, some(humans) he recognised  as his friends. 
The hall was glaring with lights and noises of notifications and chatters. It was also full of mini robots and chairs arranged in 3 d space with people shifting in varying dimensions.
 Suddenly a 3d hologram of a person with whiskers and broad spectacles across the hall and all stood up….

He became curious. As he stepped forward the robot checker scanned his iris(eye)  and confirmed his identity. The robot gave him a slip and instructed him ” R5 block6 elevation 7 tilt 78″(seat no).
Robin sat on a carrier seat and inserted the slip . The seat by itself got aligned at the instructed seat. 

The the sensors noticed his presence and the valves of air conditioners turned in his direction. an apparatus 3d hologram was projected for some minutes and them countdown started. The task (as announced by the invigilator) was to locate the faulty parts and suggest suitable solution by clicking on the tablet laid before.

After the completion of test  a robot brought parts of the actual machine and the test object. Some words flashed on the table( global language probably). Robin chose translation option (his mind hopefully worked now) old English option and then it became clear that the task was to assemble the parts with full calibration and take reading of the test object.

Robin was baffled as he was not used to such practical( we guess by his expression and body language). He ran his eyes around and saw students building the model and other solving calculations . Seeing this made him more restless(we guess).

Then Robin picked up a part and started fitting it into another like a jig saw puzzle but since he did not knew the correct arrangement and calibration , he could not complete in time. The clocks rang sirens and the tablets got automatically shut off . 

Then the robots arrived and took the model back and the test subject on his tray .But even the robot reacted with an expression of pity for Robin(may be due to artificial intelligence).

Then the seat came down and Robin dismounted. The the robots at the entry announced that brunch will be served in the adjoining hall. Robin followed the other students to the grand serving hall with chairs of ebony and sweat free fabric coated along with. 

The hall smelled like jasmine and Robin booked a seat close to his acquaintance(friends). At times he tried to talk to the but was interrupted by the buzz that marked the begun of order time(probably). Robin looked on the 3d holograms of alluring and Mouth-watering dishes and ordered 2 for himself. 

Within an hour the hall was filled with rich aroma of delicies order by others(as his order has not yet arrived).

Then the robots came around the tables and played violin to rejoice the students.

Then the 3d printer printed his order(Robin’s order) and the robots brushed the top with flavour and color and sprayed with aroma and injected the juices to the dish.

The  aroma variations synchronised with the flickering of lights.When the most awaited order arrived, it left Robin awestruck…………..





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