Finally after the loads of assignments and writing records,he falls to the bed. He puls the pillow closer as if it were a teddy bear or a real person and hugs it tightly.  The insomniac eyes flapped few times and finally he enters the dreamland.  It was no less a fairytale where dreams do actually  come true. But the cruel devil rings again, maybe a call now. He bends himself and stretches his arm to the table . His finger fumbles the mess. In the heap of stationery, lighter, chips he clutches the sleek phone and brings it close to his eyes. He musters his eyes and rolled up his eyelids. The flashing screen dims again. He got frustrated as his efforts were in vain. He rustles it to some corner and dives back to his pillow. Now it rings again,he is up with the infuriating screeching tone as its ringtone sounded. Morning was the only time he hates his favourite lyrics. 

He suddenly got a glimse of the clock and like a current ran his spine he stood upright on the floor and ran the race of time to attend his end semester exams.

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  1. I see myself the luckiest because I stopped writing assignments after the first year. I skipped all the time. And whenever they caught me, I threw some deep technical and philosophical things on them. They showed interest in what I was doing and what I do. They spare me every time. But I do understand the condition.
    Great feelings, man. It would be nice if you write what happens during and after the exams. 🙂
    Keep hustling. Live well.:)


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