Exam Fever

Right now I can feel the rush  in my mind and the fluctuations in my heartbeat. The final semester last exam  is going to start in few minutes.
I am thrilled by excitement of becoming a graduate after a few days. I am growing restless. I can now feel the shivering of my body . All my dreams are popping in front of me .
All the four year journey transcends as a dream.
 I am looking at others to deviate my mind from the thrill. My hands are shivering while giving my initials. Now the invigilator walks in and handovers the question paper envelope .
He handles me my computer programming question paper. Oh my God……….
I took some deep breaths to relax  myselves. Then I opened the seal on the top of the paper and inserted my hand inside. I could feel several cold pages (but not as cold as my hand) and shovelled them out. My mind was whistling with inquisition.
As I tickled inside the envelope to the pages of the final hurdle,found my fingers frozen and sweat dripping my forehead wet. I plunge the papers out and glimpse them in the hope of an easy paper.
Suddenly I heard the sound of an Alarm clock and then a lady shouting “Wake up. You are already late on your first day to college”.


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