​Testimonials were contradicting the assumptions of the verdict of the eyewitnesses. Jury was baffled as their was no loop hole left by the culprit and everything seemed to be well planned. The media had escalated the case as a national crisis. People were furious due to the delay in the case proceedings. There was a mass unrest in the mob flamed by anti social elements and opposition parties. There were protests, hunger strikes, strikes at different levels of the bureaucracy and the civil people.  That day the jury bench was seated and the lawyers were questioning the witness,victim’s family and the held accused. 
People were sitting in the court lobby keenly observing the examinations,cross-examinations and the accuses raised on one another. The jury panel was bifurcated into two conclusions but none side had majority of 3-5 . Then suddenly the culprit enters handcuffed by the inspector Joseph. He is dragged to the culprit pillar .

He comes closer to the judge exposing his horrifying eyes and deep scars. He began with a rough but firm voice but latter shattered to the cross questioning to the agitation lawyer. The defence lawyer asked objection as the govt. lawyer was trying to pressurise his client and raising unlawful charges which are baseless . When the judge responded in favour. The defence proposed the other evidences which were sufficient to deviate the jury to other possibilities. He began………..

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